When you are designing your ideal bathroom, there are some features that you must include, and there are others that are optional extras. If you are looking to create a luxurious bathroom in your home, you will want to go all out and add as many features as possible, and there are many options available. Below are some of the choices you can consider for your new bathroom and some of the things you must include to ensure it is functional and luxurious while looking fantastic.

Shower, Bath, Or Both? 

There are times when it is nice to relax in a hot bath and unwind, and it is an excellent way to soothe tired muscles. However, if you do not use the bathtub often, you may wish to consider only having a shower in your bathroom, which will leave you with much more room to add luxurious features. You can visit a reliable retailer such as a Shepperton bathroom shop and see what they have available in showers that may be perfect for your new bathroom and give you the space you require.

Make It A Wet Room 

If you are not going to include a bathtub in your bathroom, you may want to consider making it a wet room. These are very practical, and although they do cost more, it will be much easier to clean your bathroom and keep it tidy. However, if you are considering turning your bathroom into a wet room, ensure you have suitable mats on the floor to prevent slipping so your feet have a good purchase on the floor.

Have Plenty Of Storage 

You will also want to ensure that your bathroom design has adequate storage, which will help to keep it looking tidy. You will want to include a medicine cabinet on the wall, and it is ideal to have a mirror on this. However, you will need storage for everything you keep in your bathroom, including cleaning products, toilet paper, soaps, and other items. A visit to the Woking bath store and similar stores will show you all the options available when it comes to storage solutions for bathrooms.

Ensure There Is Adequate Ventilation 

Your bathroom must be adequately ventilated and failing to do this will encourage mould and mildew to form. You will want to have a decent-sized window in your bathroom to let fresh air in and help dry the room out, and you may also require an additional extractor fan to help with this. Many types of mould can form in bathrooms, and most of it is black mould, which makes it unsightly, but it can also be dangerous if left unchecked. As such, ensure your bathroom has adequate ventilation, and you may never have to worry about black mould in your bathroom.

Keep Your Bathroom Tidy 

Once you have finished remodelling your bathroom and it includes all the features you want, you will need to keep it tidy, so it remains to look fantastic. As you have ensured there is suitable storage, make sure you and your family put things away after using them, so it always looks presentable. Ensure you tidy it once a week, and your new luxurious bathroom can always be ready for visitors.

Features You Must Include In Your Modern Bathroom