If you have ordered custom electric gates for your home and are anxiously awaiting the installation, it is a good idea to think about gate service and maintenance. Like most things, automated gates do require care and attention and with that in mind, here is some important information to help you take good care of the gates. 

Visual Inspections

The gates should be inspected every couple of months and here are a few things to look at:

  • The Running Track – It is important to remove any debris or object that might impair the operation. Be careful not to remove any grease on the track, as this is essential lubrication to protect sliding metal driveway gates and generally make sure that there are no obstacles that might impede the gate operation.
  • Rust – There is always a risk of rust with metal components, so a visual inspection is advised. If you have a pair of those custom automatic gates for homes and installed by a team of professionals, expect that rust protection would already be in place.
  • Photocells – The safety mechanism involves two photocells, one at each end and a beam of infrared light is transmitted; in the event that the beam is broken, the motor instantly stops. You can test the system by closing the gates and putting something to break the beam, which should lead to a cease of operation.
  • Force Testing – If an object is placed on the gate track, this will cause resistance when the gate makes contact, which should turn off the motor. The service engineer would do this when servicing the unit, checking that the safety mechanism is working.


All moving parts need to be lubricated and periodically, grease needs to be added and the maintenance engineer would check all points for lubrication. Most gate companies include the first year of service in the price and after that period, you can commission the company to handle servicing and maintenance.


While seasoned timber is pre-treated, harsh climate does take its toll and you might need to re-stain and varnish timber gates. This will ensure that the timber is protected and if you fancy changing the colour, you can use a suitable stain; every 2-3 years, the timber should be given a coat of varnish.


If you prefer a non-maintenance solution, why not opt for aluminium or stainless steel? There are custom automated gate suppliers that can create the perfect design, fabricate the units and install them. Of course, there is no such thing as completely maintenance-free electric gates, but by using a non-corrosive metal such as aluminium or stainless steel, you can minimise the maintenance to motor, mechanism and tracking.

It is wise to clean the gate panels at regular intervals, keeping it clean and complementing the front of your home and by keeping your eye out for anything unusual with the gate operation, you can quickly identify minor issues and deal with them before they become major.

If you look after your new gates, they will last for many years and should there ever be any issues, call the supplier and they will investigate.

Electric Sliding Gates: Care & Maintenance Tips