This article offers the reader useful information about web design.

How many times have you landed on a website and wished you hadn’t bothered? Sadly, there are many examples of digital platforms that you shouldn’t follow. In this article, we offer a few web design tips to help you create a site that engages the user.

Fast Page Loading

If you want users to engage, it is vital that the pages load fast. Users do not like to wait and slow loading pages result in users leaving your site, never to return. What causes slow page loading? If you have a lot of hi-res images on your site, this will cause pages to load slowly. The image format can be changed to speed up page loading, plus you should take out a high bandwidth package with your ISP, as this will make the site much faster.


People love interaction and livechat enables users to talk to a human, which could make all the difference. The World Wide Web is in a constant state of development and livechat is relatively new. Talk to your web designer about this feature and it can be incorporated into the platform. Engagement leads to a feeling of belonging, which helps with customer retention and keeps users interested in your content.

All Device Compatible

Many Internet users login with their smartphone or tablet. If your site is not all-device compatible, you will lose a significant portion of users. Your web designer can ensure that all devices will display your platform as it should and as new formats emerge, your site will be optimised.

Blog Page

Setting up a blog page enables you to achieve several goals. Posting informative content will engage users, plus you can add key search terms into the articles, which Google picks up, boosting your rankings within search engines. You can have guest posts written by SEO copy writers and on-point blogs that are sector-related, providing site users with important information. Google and other search engines like sites with a high volume of content, while users are able to access important information, which keeps them engaged.

Customer Privileges

Why not set up a section strictly for clients, using each with a username and password? You can have exclusive content that is behind the homepage. People like to join groups and receive special attention.

Professional Content

Your content is by far the most important component of your website and when you use a leading web development agency, they have a team of copy writers to produce premier content, which will reflect your business.

Choose WordPress

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Using WordPress web developers Cardiff or your area trusts will ensure that your digital platform is both professional and engages the user. This application has everything and some; in the hands of a professional web designer, you have a top-rated website with many powerful features.

Your website is your online portal to the world and with an award-winning web development agency in your corner, you will enjoy a strong digital profile. Once the web designer understands your concept, he or she can make a few design recommendations, and your project will be underway. The birth of your company website will see the start of a long journey to success.

Build A Website That Engages Users With These Tips