An alloy of copper and zinc, brass has long been used for a wide variety of things, not least musical instruments. This alloy is very similar to bronze and to this day, brass fetches a good scrap price. It can be mistaken for bronze and other alloys, especially copper. The main difference between copper and brass is that the latter has a more consistent yellow glow, while copper radiates pinks and reds. 

Where To Find Brass?

The mysterious world of antiques is full of brass, as this attractive alloy made for excellent decoration. Doorknobs and drawer openers were typically made of brass. Brass antique fittings have a much higher monetary value as they are, and only in a few cases would brass be recycled from old furniture.

If you happened to have a lot of this alloy, the price of scrap brass per kilo Sydney or your city sells it for is indeed attractive. Scrap collectors or dealers would be happy to collect and pay you cash. It’s always best to do a quick search on Google and ask around for the latest price. 


Shell casings are made from brass and if you have a lot of spent shells, they need to be cleaned thoroughly, due to gunpowder residue, which is highly flammable. Owners of gun ranges would have the equipment to clean the shells and would have a working relationship with a local scrap metal dealer, who would collect when required.

HVAC Systems

Climate control systems contain brass and copper and old A/C units certainly have a recycle value. You would get a higher price if you remove the target metals, which is more than a little challenging. HVAC engineers would probably sort the metals to get the top price, while the homeowner would rather sell the unit as scrap and let the recycler sort.

Other Uses For Brass

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Brass can be used in the making of:

  • Hinges
  • Locks
  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Zippers
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical components

Recycling efficiency has greatly improved in the past decade and brass can easily be separated from other materials.

Scrap Metal Yards

These are the businesses that supply the huge recycling plants and they cover industrial and domestic collections. It should be noted that competition is fierce in cities, so it is worth Googling a few yards to find the best price for your brass.

Free Collection

Most scrap metal dealers will come and collect your scrap. Check with their website regarding do’s and don’ts and what they will accept. Most scrap metal dealers are amiable and will do what they can to accommodate you; indeed, they rely heavily on certain business sectors, which gives them the bulk of their business.

Easy To Separate

The recycling plant uses a powerful magnet to remove brass and other alloys and the material is taken to a foundry, where it is melted down and cast into billets. Then it can be reused in the manufacture of a range of products, namely ammunition shells and electric wiring.

Search online for the best brass per kilo prices and arrange for a truck to come and collect your scrap brass. They’ll pay you cash on the nose.

Brass: How And Where To Find It