A flip through the pages of Interior Design Magazine reminded me that the last time I treated myself to a spa day was 3 years ago. Yikes! Clearly I’m overdue and the next time I go I want it to be at Revel Spa in San Francisco. Designed by Jiun Ho, I’m loving the interior architecture in this space, which was influenced by the Chinease elements, metal, earth, wood, fire and water.

I love those ceilings too. I can’t tell you how many times I look up in a great space and see nothing up there. According to the article, the intersecting reclaimed-wood ceiling feature recalls the twigs of a nest. And how can you not love those antique birdcages turned lighting fixtures? Also, check out how the wood ceiling become nail stations, below.

I have the day off today, but it’s already jam packed with errands. Isn’t it funny how that happens? However, if I could be anywhere today it would be at at he spa soaking up some me time. Revel Spa is a great example of a beautiful, simple spa design that is perfect for a little piece of mind and centering oneself. See more images here and here.

{Serene}Weekend Wishes : Spa Day