Isn’t amazing to see how image makers use their discerning eye to put together their own homes? The inspiration for Mario Testino’s LA Apartment comes from his own Peruvian heritage, making for one of the most amazing spaces I have seen in a long time.

“I’m constantly having to readapt my eye to new locations. When you’re doing a house, your mind is on it all the time. You might need door handles but you’re not in L.A., so you find them in Venice!” -Mario Testino
With a neutral canvas, layered with a mix of pattern and texture and pops of earth tones such as red clay and ink, Testino’s spills over with a warm, bohemian vibe. This mix plays beautifully off of the architecture of his hacienda’s arched hallways, high ceilings and exposed beams. Who wouldn’t want to call this home?

Mario Testino at Home