I say there’s nothing wrong with being a flirt. A lot can get accomplished with a coy little wink and a smile. Maybe that’s why I like the furniture line from the Northern Virginia based furniture line, Koket. Designed by Janet Morais, with love as an enduring theme, the line is all about adding a touch of flirty playfulness and very glamorous fun to a space.

The pieces I’m showing are from the Guilty Pleasures Collection and inspired by the very things I love: flora, fauna, the decorative arts and fashion. Every item is lovingly manufactured in Portugal and is fully customizable to meet a designer’s special requirements. And don’t let those gorgeous features fool you; each piece is ready to show off in a variety of settings including residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

With it’s lovely details, Koket harkens back to another time (a very glamorous era I think). And I don’t mind one bit that the Koket furniture line was created with love and flirting in mind. I,mean, really, why should I have all of the fun?

La Petite Koket: Love, Flirting & Furniture