We all love to get a glimpse of the high life. The movie stars and celebrities we see on our screens live life like we can only imagine and when they have done their work for the day, most prefer to withdraw into their own special world that cost millions to create. Celeb homes are everywhere, not just on the West Coast of the USA. There are many have homes around the world, especially in Spain, Italy and the South of France. The Caribbean Islands are another popular region for the rich and famous.

Here are a few examples of celebrity mansions.


This amazing singer splashed out $9.5m on a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, with Jennifer Lawrence as a neighbour. The property has 6 guestrooms and 4 bedrooms, with a couple of pools and an outdoor train set, which must be great fun!

Kim Kardashian

The super-cool girl of the 2020s, Kim paid $20m for a stunning mansion in Hidden Hills, California, which has its own vineyard and two swimming pools. She and hubby Kanye West managed to buy the property next door to increase their area to 4.5 acres. One highlight of this property is a huge entertainment pavilion, where they entertain their many friends.

Kylie Jenner

She was only 19 when she bought a 1.2 acre mansion in the exclusive Hidden Hills, California, and what a place! With 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a home theatre, pool and spa, as well as stunning gardens, this mansion is inside a gated community, as you would expect with celebs. She is rumoured to own a flat in London, a studio apartment in New York and a place in the South of France.

Celine Dion

A superstar in her day, Celine acquired a Florida mansion and redesigned it from the ground up. She listed the property for a mouth-watering $62m in 2014. There is a small golf course, 3 large swimming pools and no one really knows how many bedrooms. This singing sensation likes to visit Thailand and has a swish pool villa high in the cliffs on the island of Phuket.


This chic girl oozes style and her plush Hollywood Hills mansion is about as good as it gets. She paid $6.8m for the property, which has a pool in front and 8 bedrooms. When she’s not at home, the mansion is rented out for a cool $35k a month. Needless to say, there are many takers. Who wouldn’t want to experience living in Rihanna’s home?

While we ordinary folks can’t match these amazing properties, we can find our perfect living space in a sunny climate like Spain, where prices are reasonable. For a much lesser amount, you may find something with celebrity homes’ elegance in the real estate Estepona Spain offers. Being a prime vacation location, who knows you may bump onto a famous actor or singer.

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5 Of The Coolest Celebrity Homes